Wedding Stories – a new addition to our creative-writing services

A chick-flick inspired us to add ‘Wedding stories’ to our list of writing services. After several years of hitched living, if the honeymoon phase ever wanes or comes to an abrupt end, this precious little write-up will remind couples why they fell for each other and hopefully keep the emotions and memories of their special day flooding back.  A personalised wedding story will make for a great edition to any wedding album or simply print it on top-quality paper as a coffee table keepsake.

We offer three writing styles:

  • Formal newspaper report
  • Descriptive magazine feature
  • Romantic novel / fairy tale excerpt

Here’s an example: 

The Wedding of Abdul-Malik and Umayya

The spicy scent of masala chai wafted through the air at The Munro Boutique Hotel on a balmy summer’s afternoon in late February 2016. Pastel roses and strings of sparkling crystal charmed the eye and romance was undoubtedly on the menu. Perched up high above affluent Houghton, the venue boasts bustling Johannesburg – the largest man-made urban forest in the world – as its backdrop, and so the scene was set to host the wedding of Umayya and Abdul-Malik. The couple discovered this hidden gem by accident and instantly penned it in as their preferred venue. “From the moment we first arrived there, we knew that was the vantage point from where we would want to tie the knot.”

As the lucky recipient of two heartfelt proposals, Umayya felt extra-special. Initially, A.Malik chose to propose on the bench where he first worked up the courage to express his feelings for her, and the second time he asked her to marry him was during an unforgettable hot air balloon safari over the Magaliesburg on an ice-cold autumn morning. He was completely confident that she would say “Yes”.  The groom jokes: “Mayya’s fingers were numb from the cold but she couldn’t resist all that bling!”

The couple met four years earlier while working at a telecommunications company where Umayya serves as a Copywriter and User Experience Analyst, while Abdul-Malik’s company is contracted in the online and customer experience space. Over time, they discovered that they shared similar interests, ambitions and a sense of humour but they had no idea that fate’s hand was weaving their separate paths into one of wedded bliss. Their friendship laid a solid foundation for their union which Umayya says has always been harmonious, respectful and full of fun. “We’ve never even fought – not once!”

Holding on to each other for support was natural since the hurdles they faced sat externally. Abdul-Malik is older, British and a born Christian but these facts didn’t deter Umayya in the slightest. Although her Muslim family is affectionate and open-minded, they were protective over their only daughter and concerned whether A.Malik would be able to embrace Islam, their culture and way of life. The family welcomed A.Malik into their home, and as Umayya predicted, he completely won them over with his good nature, intelligence, consideration, honesty and immense love for her.

Abdul-Malik describes the queen of his heart as ‘elegance personified’. “She is a compliments magnet with natural beauty, a kind heart, interesting mind and loads of common sense. She is a fashion pioneer, a lipstick artist, the hostess with the mostess and a modern-day Mother Theresa. She is an adventurer, an old soul and a woman of substance who exposed me to the power of universal laws.” He gushes about his life partner, saying: “She is the centre of my universe [and insert every known cliché about love here] – because it’s all true!”

Umayya’s adoration of her husband is unmistakable. She describes him as kind, dependable and a genuinely good-hearted man who treats her like a queen. He’s a perfectionist tech junkie who is able to think both analytically and creatively. Umayya adds: “He is always cool, calm and collected and very in touch with his emotions. He is so sweet, easy-going and gentlemanly which ironically makes him even more manly, plus he’s always my number one supporter whenever I’m inspired to explore new interests and business ideas.”

Revelling in their love for chai spiced with aromatic cardamom and ginger, the couple decided to go against the typical ‘large Indian’ wedding grain and settled on an intimate ‘High Tea’ for their special day. 150 Guests were spoiled for choice with a sumptuous array of decadent mini desserts, finger foods, pastries and a selection of exotic teas – the most eminent being masala chai of course! As they intended, traditional biryani was nowhere in sight.

Decor-whizz, Nadia Moosa of Fabulous Functions painted the couple’s vision of elegance and simplicity perfectly. Umayya was opposed to the idea of being propped up on a stage, so Nadia worked the kaleidoscope of soft hues into a curtain of light-refracting rainbow-crystal beads which hung behind the bridal couple’s table. Guests were seated on transparent tiffany chairs at small and large round tables which were dotted around the tiered venue while buffet tables were set up in the adjoining rooms. The centre of every table was marked by a tall crystal stand adorned with a small bouquet and a miniature lace umbrella for a touch of flair. Fancy drinking glasses tinted in light pink, blue and green added a splash of colour.

The beautiful bride was dressed in an exquisite gown by Arwen Garmentry. The talented designer shaped the dress to Umayya’s petite physique in a way that was both beautiful and sensual, but also conservative enough to accommodate the family’s religious beliefs and avoid disapproving glances from the staunch elderly members. Arwen took just over six months to create the figure-hugging mermaid gown which cascaded outwards from the knees. It was stitched from top-quality French lace and lined with a champagne-nude corset. Providing a slight 3D-effect, she strategically placed hand-sewn flowers and sprinkles of ‘Aurora Borealis’ Swarovski crystals. The straight neckline elongated the silhouette while the long sleeves created a faultless opportunity to be covered in more bright, angelic whiteness.

To enhance her natural features, Umayya commissioned the talented makeup artist, Sharona Latib who focused on dramatic false eyelashes and lips stained with Revlon’s pearly pink ‘Softsilver Rose’ to achieve a sweet, yet sultry look. Mishka Yacoob used her hairstyling magic to weave the bride’s regal up-do which was inspired by a video of Saddam Hussein’s granddaughter’s wedding. An iridescent, impossible-to-ignore crown topped off the graceful look.

Not to be outdone by his beguiling bride, Abdul-Malik was dapper in a made-to-measure, three-piece bespoke suit by Italian designer, Carlo Pignatelli. The black fabric featured a sheen pinstripe, and was worn with a classic white shirt, diamond-encrusted cufflinks and Milanese footwear.

When it came to arranging her bridal party, Umayya turned to her adorable little nieces and blossoming teenage niece, Noora. Including the kids in her entourage was another perfect excuse to have them attend the otherwise adults-only affair. Being the only sister, Umayya had to find a way to include all three her brothers in the day’s formalities. They took turns to escort Umayya down the staircase to the tune of Elvis Castello’s ‘She’ and then walked her through the grand entrance hall of the mansion where elated guests stood lining the hallway. Abdul-Malik notes this moment as his most treasured memory: “I’ll never forget seeing my bride walking down the aisle towards me. She took my breath away. I cried.”

After the nikkah ceremony, the beaming couple sealed their bond by exchanging wedding rings from Browns – The Diamond Store. Umayya chose a 1934 heritage ring with matching bands, featuring a vintage design with intricate detail and diamonds along the bands, as well as a solitaire centre diamond surrounded by smaller chips. A guardian angel surprise is safely tucked in below the main stone. Abdul-Malik’s platinum band was sentimentally engraved with “Love, Umayya”.

Courtesy of a saxophonist and violinist duo, jovial sounds floated through the air and further reinforced the relaxed, romantic atmosphere of the day. Umayya trusted her cousin, Jameel to share the couple’s thoughts which mentioned their extraordinary encounter with a Mandarin duck – a Feng Shui symbol of ‘an unlikely pair yet lifelong mates’. He took a light-hearted dig at Umayya’s mum who was having difficulty cutting the umbilical cord to her only daughter, and also made reference to Abdul-Malik fulfilling all Umayya’s criteria except one; he is not Italian.

Unsuspecting guests were caught biting into the delicious-looking wedding favours; handmade decorative soaps by Soap Me Beautiful, which were modelled to mimic French macarons. The rainbow selection of ‘pastries’ appeared so realistic that many of the guests thought these were edible! Like all occasions, there were a few unexpected mishaps; the zip on Umayya’s gown couldn’t close all the way up because one of the steel teeth was damaged. The designer raced to the venue and quickly stitched the gown up with dental floss which prevented the bride from using the loo for the rest of the day. Since the excess length refused to cooperate with the bride’s stiletto heels causing a trip-hazard, Arwen got down on her knees to trim the scalloped edge. Umayya’s inner bride-zilla did not make an appearance. Instead, she handled the crisis like a lady, maintained full composure and did not allow anything to dampen her pending nuptials.

At the end of the magical day, the couple were extremely grateful that it went off without a glitch – well almost! Umayya gushed: “I loved everything from start to finish. Getting ready… walking in… the nikkah… the speech…the setting… the atmosphere… It was all a dream come true.”

A love that has conquered continents, culture and belief systems, Umayya and Abdul-Malik are the ultimate power couple whose enchanting wedding served only as the beginning to their blissful, affectionate and dedicated life together. May they be blessed with countless days of marital bliss.