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Understanding the protectors and protected to create the ZSS security website content

Girls can do anything, right? Well, as the boss ladies at the Word Couture Co., we’ve proven that we can certainly write about anything. We may not have a preference for roaring engines and farting exhausts nor testosterone-fuelled ‘skop, skiet and donder’ movie scenes or childhood ‘secret agent’ fantasies of leopard crawling through enemy compounds, but when the ZSS security company asked us to plan their website architecture and write the content too, we stepped right into the figurative boots of their combat personnel, and simultaneously made every effort to understand  their clients’ exact security concerns and specific needs to deliver another world-class project.

Here’s a short excerpt from their ‘Why choose us’ page:

Don’t watch your back. We’ll watch it for you!

Staying safe in Johannesburg isn’t only your main concern. Your safety is our priority too. We’re dedicated to the creation of a secure, risk-free environment where you are free to live your life and conduct business under our protection.

Live in Linbro Park or surrounding areas? This is our safety zone and we know it best; every bend, field and dark corner, which is why we’re able to respond to a reported incident in minutes!

  • Our fleet of nine vehicles – manned by the best trained guards – all operate from our control room situated at 1st Road, Linbro Park.
  • We respond to panic situations with two response vehicles so every officer has instant back-up protection available.
  • Trust us with all your security requirements if your home or business is in Linbro Park or surrounding areas (within a 5 km radius).

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