Welcome to the Word Couture Co.

Studio Services

Editing, writing, and sustainability consulting.

Don’t overlook the importance of cleverly crafted content to educate, instruct and convert. Our team has a particular interest in fashion and retail, but we work across all industries to convey sustainability efforts in a way that’s accurate and error-free without losing the essence of your message. At the same time, we’ll improve your online User Experience to keep website visitors interested, engaged and spendthrift.

Our affordable and professional services, which extend across all digital and print platforms, include:

  • Sustainability consulting, strategic planning and reports.
  • UX-approved content, information architecture and blogs.
  • Web design and development
  • Business summary cards and media cards
  • Chatbot scripts
  • Online journey notifications and error messages
  • Feature articles and advertorials
  • Company and personal profiles
  • University thesis and assignments – editing only!
  • Product- and service-related FAQs
  • Press releases