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Tips to make chatbots chattier

Alexa, Siri, Mitsuku, Cortana… some of the most famous names on the Internet are created from code. We interact with them almost everyday, but behind the smooth vocals and sleek responses, there’s a team of designers, developers and copywriters ensuring that your experience with Artificial Intelligence is anything but robotic.


In a fast-paced and ever-evolving digital world where grasping onto any free time available is a daily struggle, waiting in a 20-minute long queue to have a call answered by a customer service representative just doesn’t seem reasonable.

Enter the chatbot. Efficient, engaging and instant, this artificial intelligence is built with consumers in mind. Their sole purpose: to quickly filter and resolve most product- and service-related problems online, so customers can get on with their lives while inundated human call-centre agents can take a breather with less of an influx of calls to tend to. While the intellect behind each chatbot design is remarkable, its unique voice and personality still has to be scripted conversationally to sound less like a robot, and more like the friendly virtual assistant next door.

And that’s where we come in. As copywriters, it’s our pleasure and privilege to collaborate with designers and put words to their journey flows. We carefully adhere to our clients’ brand voices, corporate identities and style guides to compose a persona for each bot, while adding equal doses of sociability, empathy, wit, professionalism and attentiveness, without losing sight of the main goal: helping customers complete the task at hand.

Chatbots are said to improve a company’s service levels, save money and time, and increase engagement. With the right scripts in place, all this is possible and your team can expect to see their NPS skyrocket.

Our tops tips for chatbot scripting:

1. Keep it short and simple

Stick to plain language that’s easily understandable regardless of  demographics and age. Most consumers want solutions in the quickest possible way and long-winded sentences are sure to annoy them or lose their attention.

2. Check grammar and spelling

Ensure that all your spelling and punctuation is correct and consistent. There’s nothing worse than text riddled with errors and typos; your chatbot is a representative of a prominent brand, and should also converse on that level of distinction. Inconsistency will seem sloppy and poor spelling and sentence structure will see customers lose trust in your chatbot’s ability to solve their problems.

3. Develop a winning personality 

Your chatbot should become a distinguishable character with its own style of speaking that’s injected with humour, understanding and likeability. Be warm and conversational in your scripting, eliminate repetitive robotic responses and try to create a personal connection with the user. Your chatbot should aim to make a customer feel heard, helped and content.

4. Use feedback to learn and improve

Analysing user input is priceless! Customers who interact with your chatbot will very likely test (and try to trip up) your chatbot to see if it has an answer for everything. And since that’s impossible, you can create quirky one-liners and other suitable responses for the most bizarre requests and questions. Example: “What should I cook tonight?”, “Are you single?”, and “Tell me a joke”.  Also, consider prompting users to rate your chatbot’s service. This will provide a superb indication of pain points and its general reputation.

With one of South Africa’s top telco chatbots in our care, we’re qualified and experienced to develop your chatbot’s personality and plain language scripts. We’ll work online with strategy and customer-oriented focus to bring your customer care ambassador to life so it sounds natural, totally clued up with all aspects of your products and business processes, and leaves customers 100% satisfied with concise and accurate answers to their most common problems.

Need scripts written for your chatbot? Drop us an email at wordcoutureco@gmail.com 


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