Quick and easy smartphone food photography for The Rolling Pin

With the convenience of a top-quality camera neatly integrated into today’s best smartphones on the market, who needs to lug around an extra piece of expensive hardware, spend hours transferring and post-processing files, when their final destination is the contrasting fast-paced online sphere of social media? It just doesn’t make sense to battle time and equipment barriers when the ability to capture the essence of your business, brand and products – near professionally – is at your fingertips.

Red, white and green snowballs

When our client, The Rolling Pin bakery asked us to take on the management of their social media accounts, we were almost immediately faced with a lack of creative material. Images taken of their baked goods in-store were flooding our WhatsApp group chat, but there was much amiss from a lighting, composition and presentation perspective. Marshmallows, shortbread and assorted cheesecakes were photographed in their polystyrene packaging which did very little to make them appear appealing and appetizing.

Chocolate swissroll

The Word Couture Co. dream team to the rescue!

Our clients rely on our expertise and creativity to build a loyal following online, expand their customer base, and of course increase sales while they focus on the nitty-gritty of their core business. Since there’s no way we would want our service level associated with anything but the best input and results, we decided to don a pair of serving gloves and get into their kitchen for a special smartphone photoshoot.

Chocolate cake

When it comes to photographing delicious treats like custard slices, koeksisters and doughnuts, there’s just sooo much potential to make them appear irresistible and screen-licking good. It took us approximately three hours to carefully construct various ‘lifestyle’ layouts, and using a Samsung S9 smartphone to shoot from multiple angles and edit images, we were left with seventy eye-popping pictures which, you must agree, will certainly tempt social media addicts to ‘like’ The Rolling Pin on Facebook and follow them on Instagram. In the process, we steered clear of placing any burden on the company owner or store manager by supplying all the props including trays and utensils, and being 100% considerate of their staff and customers.

Cream-filled pastries

Too busy to create original social media content? 

Email wordcoutureco@gmail.com and let us capture and share your work on social media. That’s one less thing for you to worry about!

Assorted mini cakes

Multi-colour mini swissrolls


Assorted mini swissrolls

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