Our blog-writing deal with The London Grooming Company SA

After our TV debut on Zaheerah Bham-Ismail’s iTrend show a few weeks ago, several awesome opportunities have presented themselves, and this week, one of these projects has successfully kicked off. We’ve written our first blog post for London Grooming Company SA, an online business which retails imported grooming products for men.

A blog-type section on any website is always a nice-to-have. It drives users to your website, helps with search engine rankings, promotes specific products while subtly persuading readers to click that ‘Buy’ button, and gives you interesting and relevant content to share with your followers on social media. Like most business owners, the London Grooming Company SA team realised that trying to maintain a blog in-house was time consuming and caused them to lose focus on their core business. Instead of trying to do it all themselves, they began looking for dependable, efficient writers to generate fresh and authentic content.

As of May 2018,  the London Grooming Company SA blog is now in the capable hands of Word Couture Co. We’ve been contracted to manage the ‘Journal’ section which includes accessing the admin panel to upload one article per week, incorporate links and tags, and of course respond to readers’ comments. We’ve also got free reign to decide on topics and inject as much creativity and flair into the articles as possible. Our first post, Vikings – The Original Bearded Hipsters is an entertaining read which explores how these 8th-11th-century Scandinavian warriors first set the lengthy facial hair grooming trend more than 1000 years ago, and this lighthearted piece will be followed by personal profiles, how-to tips and advice, barber reviews and more!

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; this is exactly what makes our jobs as copywriters exciting and oh so stimulating. If we didn’t have reason to notice well-groomed men in a crowd or slap on some of hubby’s aftershave just because we are ‘conducting research’… Now we certainly do!


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