Now Muslim women can turn to Pink Crescent for advice and hope

Quite often, we receive requests from individuals who are looking for a reliable ‘partner’ to help them lift an innovative business idea off the ground. We never say ‘No’. Firstly, because we consider ourselves to be enablers of ideas and success, and secondly, because having the opportunity to help build what could become one of tomorrow’s most recognisable brands is pretty rewarding. And since new concepts force us to research, learn, grow and adapt our writing to a different audience each time, we accept the challenge to interpret an enterprising mind’s vision and then translate that into a concise company profile, exciting website or stimulating press release.

As Women’s Month drew to a close, we had secured another satisfying ‘challenge’. Amirah Mia, a young lawyer, hired the Word Couture Co. to conjure up a company name, develop the logo, pen a company profile and set up social media accounts for her life’s calling; an Islamic rights advisory service particularly aimed at women and children. Fast-forward a few weeks later, and Pink Crescent was born…

Here are snippets from the Pink Crescent company profile:


I founded Pink Crescent, a legal advisory service and emotional sanctuary for vulnerable women and children who face problems within their marriage, home and family life. Despite being the thread that holds our family and household together, our rights are often disregarded, misinterpreted or not exercised. With expertise in Islamic Law, Pink Crescent puts your rights as a Muslimah first, ensuring that you utilise them as decreed by Islamic teachings and within the legal context of our country. In simple terms, it bridges the gap between our country’s legal system and Islamic practices.


Just as a new moon signals a new beginning, Pink Crescent empowers Muslim women and provides them with hope of a better tomorrow through Shariah-compliant advice that’s ‘by the book’. Women and children can speak freely about personal dilemmas in a safe space, and together, we’ll discuss your legal standing and the options available so that each specific case sees a just, fair outcome which is also acceptable within the South African legal framework.

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