Meet the Team

Journalists, best friends and your favourite go-to girls!

Hi! We’re Mayya and Sam, the perfectionist duo that makes up the Word Couture Co. Together, we’re a dream team and the affordable answer to your written communication requirements on all digital and print platforms.

It’s said that if you do what you love, you won’t work a day in your life. In our case, this is especially true. Our business serves as an outlet for creative expression as we indulge our passion for writing and wordsmith across industries and channels. Since we’re sticklers for proper grammar usage and spelling, we’re changing the world one sentence at a time.

Umayya Theba – Copywriter and User Experience Specialist

After eight years of corporate living and gaining priceless experience in both respected broadcasting and telecommunications organisations, I decided to take my career completely online and make the world my office. I do believe that content is king, and working as an independent Digital Copywriter, UX Specialist and blogger gives me the freedom to do what I love, use my creative talent and exercise complete freedom of expression in my writing. When I am not in South Africa spending time with friends and family, I can be found on the steps of Milan’s Duomo, tripping along the fashion capital’s prestigious Via Montenapoleone or discovering another exotic destination on my bucket list.

Sam Jadwat – Communications Specialist and Word Crafter 

A daydreaming, word-spinning, coffee-drinking, creative-thinking writer with my head in the clouds and feet on the ground. As a Copywriter, I breathe energy and illumination into lacklustre text and give old words new life. As a perfectionist, I always ensure that every sentence is impeccably constructed and grammatically flawless. As a Communications Specialist, I have gained invaluable experience in public relations, corporate identity, events coordination, creating email content, composing newsletters and writing company procedures. As a serial student, I am qualified in Journalism, Fashion Marketing, Teaching and Graphic Design.

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