Going beyond the six-month milestone with the ‘Proudly Muslims of SA’ team

Call it coincidence, but earlier this year, when anti-Muslim hatred seemed to be at an all-time high, the opportunity to make a dent in the ignorant minority’s perspectives knocked on our virtual studio door. Literally. The three-knock email notification sounded and this opened up a meeting request about an important social project which needed the Word Couture Co.’s expertise.

Getting us to accept this job offer took very little convincing. It’s a cause that’s close to our hearts; it showcases all the good work Muslims contribute to South Africa’s rainbow nation, it educates the public on what it means to be a true Muslim and at the same time, it changes the negative perceptions about Islam which are reinforced by western media.

We were contracted to launch the Proudly Muslims of South Africa (PMSA) initiative over a six-month period and once it was up and running, hand it over to the founding company’s internal team which has since been formed. The PMSA initiative was officially launched in June 2017, just after the website went live. We wrote all the website copy, compiled an information pack and then created branded email templates; ambassador invitation letters, media-partner invitation letters and confirmation letters to cement those individual relationships. We also opened the ‘Proudly Muslims of South Africa’ social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram which we continue to manage.

Like any new project, there were hiccups, challenges and lessons learnt which have helped to morph the project and further define its scope. We’ve passed the six-month contract period, and it seems like our professional experience and written contribution is highly valued by all stakeholders. Our involvement with the Proudly Muslims of South Africa initiative is now ongoing, and that’s a great position to be in. We get to do what we love, change hearts and minds, meet real-life superheroes and tell their good-news stories, and then share it with the country!

To date, we’ve written over:

  • 24 News articles
  • 17 Profiles
  • 3 Ambassador profiles

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