Our food and beverage menu mission in Abu Simbel, Egypt

One of the best ways to prove our worth as copywriters – and show the value of quality written content – is to point out a few very obvious errors in a company’s existing customer-facing communications.

During a recent trip to Egypt, we stayed at a quaint establishment in a sleepy desert town called Abu Simbel in the middle of nowhere. Despite its 4-star rating, this establishment was a step up from the other supposedly 5-star hotels and the Nile cruiser which we had to endure further north. While the premises and rooms could use a superficial facelift, staff at the Seti First Hotel in Abu Simbel were customer-centric, eager to please, and open to constructive feedback. And these positive qualities alone are an impressive WIN in our books.

We sat down to a buffet-style dinner, and to our pleasant surprise, the place settings were laid with a full set of cutlery – something that was seriously lacking in Cairo and Luxor – but their beverage menu was riddled with spelling errors, incorrect punctuation and there was zero consistency with regards to layout and use of letter case. It as might as well have been written in hieroglyphics! Being sticklers for perfection, this was a mission for the Word Couture Co. dream team.

We pointed out these issues to the restaurant manager who then reported them to the hotel manager. Imagine our surprise when, for the first time on this trip, a hotel manager actually made a friendly calculated choice to introduce himself and sit down with his guests for a cuppa coffee coupled with a pleasant chat about customer experience within Egypt’s hospitality industry.

We offered to improve their menus for FREE! And so, upon arrival in South Africa, the hotel manager sent us the PSD files which we reworked both from a content and graphic perspective.

Here are the ‘before’ versions:

Here are the ‘after’ versions:

Now that our manicured fingertips have worked their keyboard magic, the Seti First Hotel in Abu Simbel is able to present their English- and non-English-speaking customers with menus that read well, make complete sense, and won’t cause eyeballs to do somersaults. The manager is eternally grateful and in this case, that’s all the payment we need. We look forward to assisting the hotel group with other written communication requirements in future.

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