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Sustainable Fashion Consultant & UX Communications Specialist.

After gaining priceless experience in respected broadcasting and telecommunications organisations, Umayya decided to take her career completely online and make the world her office. Working as an independent UX Copywriter and Sustainable Fashion Consultant gives her the freedom to merge her passions; circular fashion and creative writing. When she’s not in South Africa, she can be found in Milan, tripping along the fashion capital’s prestigious Via Montenapoleone or discovering another exotic destination on her bucket list.

Digital Copywriter & Word Crafter

A word-spinning, coffee-drinking, creative-thinking writer, Sam breathes energy and illumination into lacklustre text and gives old words new life. She's a perfectionist who ensures that every sentence is impeccably constructed and grammatically flawless, and over the years she has gained invaluable experience in conversational and UX writing, chatbot scripting, academic editing, creating app, website and email content, blogging and copywriting across all digital platforms. As a serial student, Sam is qualified in Journalism, Fashion Marketing, Teaching, Graphic Design, UX and Microcopy.