FEMtrepreneur: Leigh Achenbach – Professional Organiser and Spacing Strategist

At some point or another, we’ve all found ourselves overwhelmed by the chaos of an unorganised closet or cluttered office space. US-based Leigh Achenbach discovered that she could use her inherent talent for organising and her panache for perfectionism as a means to help those too busy or intimidated to put their own spaces in order. With a major in Entrepreneurship from Middle Tennessee State University, Leigh channelled her studies and intrinsic strengths into establishing Suddenly Simple Professional Organizing, a specialist organising company that serves to simplify, systemise and restructure homes and small businesses. This pioneering 31-year-old found a functional solution to a problem most people have, and built her business around it.

Read on as she shares expert tips on how to deal with disorganisation and what it takes to be a FEMtrepreneur in a niche service industry.

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FEMtrepreneur: Aysha Minty – The Skirt Couturier

She may refer to herself as a ‘newbie’ on the local design scene, however Aysha Minty has patterns and threads embedded in her DNA; her love for the intricate art was finely stitched from a young age as she observed the beautiful creations made by her grandmother. Launching The Skirt Couturier in late 2014, this dynamic 24-year-old expresses her originality through ravishing custom-made skirts that make a bold and memorable impression wherever they appear. Johannesburg-based Aysha shares what it’s like being a young FEMtrepreneur in the fashion industry today.

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FEMtrepreneur: Amerae Vercueil – Food Stylist, Private Chef and Recipe Developer

When 23-year-old Amerae Vercueil left her political studies in university to attend the prestigious 1000 Hills Chef School in KwaZulu Natal, she knew she had made the right decision by following her passion. She advanced with a diploma in Culinary Arts and another in Business Administration (via IMM), and instead of finding herself behind the kitchen doors of a restaurant, Amerae harnessed all her creativity, talent and skills to become an epicurious FEMtrepreneur, and established herself as a valuable asset to Highbury Media in 2016. This trailblazing culinary artist currently spreads her gastronomic expertise across food editing, styling and photography, recipe development, restaurant consulting and being a private vegan chef. Oh, and we forgot to mention… she’s also opening up her own plant-powered café. Continue reading “FEMtrepreneur: Amerae Vercueil – Food Stylist, Private Chef and Recipe Developer”

FEMtrepreneur: Kara-Leigh Baker – Founder of French Lemon Bath and Body Products

Sometimes, a brilliant and innovative idea is created out of necessity. When Johannesburg native, Kara-Leigh Baker found herself out of a job with an urgent need to earn an income before her wedding, inspiration struck and her brand French Lemon was born. Whisking up incredibly scented bath and body products that are laced with luxury and organic ingredients, Kara-Leigh caters to those of us who are especially sensitive to the harsh chemicals found in regular retail brands. Working with her mum to produce artisanal cosmetics and personal-care products that smell and look good enough to eat, Kara-Leigh shares what’s it like to be a FEMtrepreneur. Continue reading “FEMtrepreneur: Kara-Leigh Baker – Founder of French Lemon Bath and Body Products”

FEMtrepreneur: Shawna Payne – Business Lifestyle Coach

Business Lifestyle Coach Shawna Payne didn’t let her fear of rejection stop her from achieving her dreams. The 33-year-old from National Harbor, Maryland in the USA, recently resigned from her 13-year stint in the corporate world to become a full-time business coach. She helps other aspiring entrepreneurs across the globe to build their brands and educates them on the essentials of starting and growing their own businesses, hence the name of her company, BOSS Essentials. Shawna takes us through the process of how she decided to take the plunge into FEMtrepreneurship. Continue reading “FEMtrepreneur: Shawna Payne – Business Lifestyle Coach”

FEMtrepreneur: Mary-Ann Wiggill – Live Wedding Painter

Armed with a palette, paintbrushes and a superb eye for detail, Mary-Ann Wiggill creates unforgettable and unique pieces of wedding art which she paints LIVE at the joyous event. What we deem as a massive upcoming wedding trend, Mary-Ann encapsulates the charismatic beauty and veritable charm of a wedding day in a wash of colourful acrylics, sincerely illustrated on canvas. Based in Cape Town, her bespoke portraits add a personalised touch to any nuptial ceremony, and the striking results will be a centrepiece of conversation and reminiscence for as long it’s displayed on your wall. This talented, self-taught artist and FEMtrepreneur shares her insight into the undiscovered world of live wedding paintings. Continue reading “FEMtrepreneur: Mary-Ann Wiggill – Live Wedding Painter”

FEMtrepreneur: Sandy Francis – ‘The Duchess of Mane’ Hair Artist

Meeting Sandy Francis for the first time is like catching up with an old friend who you haven’t seen for years. Dynamic, bubbly, warm and easy-going, Sandy is the kind of hairstylist that you book an hour appointment with, but choose to leave two hours later, after she’s sculpted your locks with an award-winning coif and nurtured your soul with heart-to-heart therapy and endless laughs. Casually discussing her impressive list of achievements and expert training in hair design, Sandy is nonchalant about the fame and popularity it’s brought her, insisting that there is so much more for her to learn. Better known as the ‘Duchess of Mane’, she is every bride’s dream stylist, conjuring exquisite hairstyles that make as much of an impact as the gown itself. Having lived and trained all over the world, Sandy still calls Pretoria home, and it’s here at her salon Scarlet Hair, where she’s been revamping hair (and lives) for the past 14 years. Continue reading “FEMtrepreneur: Sandy Francis – ‘The Duchess of Mane’ Hair Artist”

FEMtrepreneur: Dayna Langlois – Exclusive Stationery Designer

It takes courage to pursue a passion. Sometimes it’s done on a whim, and other times, it’s based on a well-formulated plan. And on occasion, achieving your dreams materialises from pure necessity. Stationery designer Dayna Langlois used her beautiful and intricate handwriting skills to establish a business that not only gave her family financial security but also developed into a niche brand that empowers women all over the world.

The introverted Toronto-based FEMtrepreneur creates feminine and charming pastel pieces of stationery that are all headlined by her signature words of wisdom. She personalises each journal, keychain, coffee cup, planner, pen and pouch with inspiring, handwritten quotes.

Dayna’s aim is to motivate her female-centric market with these endearing office supplies and writing accessories. Her uplifting quotes prompt women to follow their own dreams or helps them just to get through each day. It’s been four years since Dayna Lee Collection made its welcomed debut and its humble creator hasn’t looked back. Read on as Dayna chronicles her meander into entrepreneurship.

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