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Business owner? Improve your customers’ experience to enjoy success and boost your brand

Let’s see… You’ve got a good-looking store and sought-after brands fill your shelves, but you’re having trouble drawing in foot traffic. Or maybe business is booming but customer complaints are equally high. Well, when you’re in the middle of it all – day in and day out – it’s easy to become ‘blind’ to key details and it’s difficult to see your brand, retail space, processes and staff through fresh, untainted eyes.

So the real question is: Are you brave enough to welcome honest, open and unfiltered criticism about your business?

This is where our Word Couture Co. comes in. Let us do a thorough Customer Experience evaluation of your retail store, restaurant or hotel to find out exactly how customers may perceive your brand and get real insight into whether or not your setup impacts shoppers and guests positively or negatively.  Once you know what you’re doing wrong and what you’re doing right, you’ll know exactly where you are falling short and can then take steps to improve those areas.

Why should I care?

If you’re thinking that customers’ opinions about your business don’t really matter, think again! If you’re serious about achieving excellence, know that Customer Experience is what truly differentiates one business’s success from another. While it’s human nature to very rarely praise pleasant service received, it’s also in our nature to harp on about a single distasteful event. If a customer experiences just one hiccup during their visit, you can be sure that either by word-of-mouth or via social media, their friends (and friends of friends) will hear about it. And just like wild fire, this criticism can destroy a brand’s reputation and credibility almost overnight.

How can the Word Couture Co. help?

In anticipation of your arrival, staff probably shake in their boots and scurry around to ensure that everything is in tip top shape, and then be on their best behaviour until you turn your back.

No more pulling the wool over your eyes… Think of us as ‘mystery shoppers’ and let us be your eyes and ears. Once you give us the green light, we’ll step into your business under the guise of ‘customers’, and evaluate every aspect from aesthetics and ambiance through to products, staff interaction and professionalism, and payment processes. We will then provide a detailed report and suggest solutions to these problems so that figuratively speaking, you may iron out wrinkles and root out bad apples before frustrated customers throw these issues out onto a public stage.

How much does the CX service cost?

If you’re interested in investing in your customers’ experience and would like a quote, send an email to wordcoutureco@gmail.com and let us know:

  • Your business name and/or industry
  • Type of product/s or service/s
  • Number of branches

Don’t delay! Invest in your CX to convert walk-in visitors from “I’m just browsing” into “Thanks! I’ll be back soon” paying, loyal and proud brand ambassadors.

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