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7 Reasons why your thesis must be professionally edited (by us!)

Being a master’s student is no easy feat. More often than not, you’re leading a double life; responsible adult signed to a 9-5 employment contract, and being a studious night owl on the brink of exhaustion. The last thing you need is an unreliable editor whose unprofessionalism jeopardises your entire degree. To enjoy the fruits of your labour and earn the highest mark possible on your thesis, make sure that you get help from skilled editors like us, the Word Couture Co. dream team, who are experts in the field.

When an International Relations student was left hanging by an unreliable editor just one week before her thesis was due for submission, we received her desperate plea for assistance. Normally, we would never agree to trawl through a 60-page document in the space of two days, but we accepted the challenge and worked day and night to help the young lady get over this hurdle in record time.

Here are a few reasons why our professional thesis editing service is highly recommended:

  1. We adhere to your faculty’s guidelines for thesis writing and formatting. These are usually very strict and prescriptive, and vary from department to department. Once you supply the latest guidelines, we make every effort to implement them accurately throughout.
  2. We check (and correct) all spelling. This sounds easy but it’s actually a tough task since your thesis will either need to be written in American or British English, and common words are affected. Example: ‘fulfil’ vs ‘fulfill’, ‘recognise’ vs ‘recognize’, etc. That said, quoted text must maintain it’s original spelling, so it gets a little tricky when striving for consistency.
  3. We aim for complete consistency. This is not exclusive to spelling, but extends to the way numbers are written too. We consider what numbers must be spelled out and what must be in numeric form; what format dates must be written in, how units of time and measurement must be written, and we even ensure the correct and consistent use of uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as title case and sentence case throughout.
  4. We correct syntax. In other words, we will happily rework sentence structure and improve the use of punctuation to clarify meaning. This is super-important because a single comma that’s missing or in the wrong place can drastically change the meaning of a sentence. While we won’t rewrite paragraphs of text for you, we will swap out repetitive words for synonyms and thus make your vocabulary seem wider.
  5. We cross-check all references and format your bibliography. This part is usually the biggest shlep but there are no shortcuts to getting it done. There are a number of different referencing styles out there, and again, your faculty will determine which style needs to be followed. We will thoroughly scrutinise the spelling of names, titles and dates, then format all in-text references accordingly and cross-check these with your bibliography. Thereafter, the bibliography will be formatted with precision.
  6. We are each other’s second pair of eyes. Since we’re a professional duo (Sam and Mayya), we take turns to check the other’s tracked changes and respond to comments within the document. This is a huge advantage over other editors who work in their individual capacity, since nobody is perfect and anyone can easily overlook details when they’ve been plonked in front of a screen for too long.
  7. We format your document. The correct font type and size will be implemented, and we’ll adjust the line spacing and alignment throughout. Pages will be numbered and we’ll triple-check the faculty guidelines to ensure absolute compliance.
  8. We’ll communicate with you often. We promise not to be a nuisance but we will keep you updated at all times so we’re all ‘on the same page’ and you can enjoy peace of mind. Timeous communication is essential especially since many of our comments within the document will be awaiting your feedback.
  9. We’re priced just right. We know what it’s like to be students. We were there once upon a time; too broke to buy another over-priced cappuccino with cream from the campus coffee shop, and so we purposely keep our editing rates fair and affordable.

So there you you have it… We’ll put our experience and professional editing skills to work for your benefit, leaving you free to focus on the subject matter without worrying about the finicky details that could cost you marks. With our support, you’ll hand in your thesis with confidence knowing that the ‘devil in the details’ has been handcuffed and banished for good!

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