FEMtrepreneur: Ayesha Seedat – Spice Queen & Creator of Krea Lifestyle

Sprinkling a zesty soupçon of aromatic flavour over pallid dishes, Ayesha Seedat wants us to change how we season food in a whole new, exciting and organic way. Her exotic range of all-natural spices and condiments have quickly permeated through the kitchens and cabinets of South African home cooks, and the reviews have been astounding. This mistress of spices established Kr3A just over a year ago, and already has well-known stockists around the country queueing up to sell her mouth-watering range of artisanal relishes, tea blends, spices, sauces and ready-to-cook meals. The Johannesburg-based momtrepreneur shares her passion for wholesome food, authentic seasonings and growing her flavourful empire.

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