7 Reasons why your thesis must be professionally edited (by us!)

Being a master’s student is no easy feat. More often than not, you’re leading a double life; responsible adult signed to a 9-5 employment contract, and being a studious night owl on the brink of exhaustion. The last thing you need is an unreliable editor whose unprofessionalism jeopardises your entire degree. To enjoy the fruits of your labour and earn the highest mark possible on your thesis, make sure that you get help from skilled editors like us, the Word Couture Co. dream team, who are experts in the field. Continue reading “7 Reasons why your thesis must be professionally edited (by us!)”

FEMtrepreneur: Asmaa Sabiq – Creative Mind behind Alionka Chocolaterie

Mingling a woman’s two favourite things – chocolate and beautiful bouquets – master confectioner Asmaa Sabiq moulds prosaic slabs of chocolate into fanciful three-dimensional works of edible art. Whipping up whimsical edible bouquets from her workshop in Casablanca, Morocco, Asmaa – who was trained by a Russian chocolatier – redefines gifting and food design with her captivating creations. This enterprising #girlboss also has a marketing degree to her name and a business management qualification from ISCAE Casablanca and ICHEC in Brussels, respectively. Her savvy business sense combined with adept artistry helped establish Alionka Chocolaterie in 2018. Asmaa shares a few sumptuous secrets behind chocolate-making and being a FEMrepreneur.

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