FEMtrepreneur: Leigh Achenbach – Professional Organiser and Spacing Strategist

At some point or another, we’ve all found ourselves overwhelmed by the chaos of an unorganised closet or cluttered office space. US-based Leigh Achenbach discovered that she could use her inherent talent for organising and her panache for perfectionism as a means to help those too busy or intimidated to put their own spaces in order. With a major in Entrepreneurship from Middle Tennessee State University, Leigh channelled her studies and intrinsic strengths into establishing Suddenly Simple Professional Organizing, a specialist organising company that serves to simplify, systemise and restructure homes and small businesses. This pioneering 31-year-old found a functional solution to a problem most people have, and built her business around it.

Read on as she shares expert tips on how to deal with disorganisation and what it takes to be a FEMtrepreneur in a niche service industry.

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