FEMtrepreneur: Shawna Payne – Business Lifestyle Coach

Business Lifestyle Coach Shawna Payne didn’t let her fear of rejection stop her from achieving her dreams. The 33-year-old from National Harbor, Maryland in the USA, recently resigned from her 13-year stint in the corporate world to become a full-time business coach. She helps other aspiring entrepreneurs across the globe to build their brands and educates them on the essentials of starting and growing their own businesses, hence the name of her company, BOSS Essentials. Shawna takes us through the process of how she decided to take the plunge into FEMtrepreneurship. Continue reading “FEMtrepreneur: Shawna Payne – Business Lifestyle Coach”

FEMtrepreneur: Mary-Ann Wiggill – Live Wedding Painter

Armed with a palette, paintbrushes and a superb eye for detail, Mary-Ann Wiggill creates unforgettable and unique pieces of wedding art which she paints LIVE at the joyous event. What we deem as a massive upcoming wedding trend, Mary-Ann encapsulates the charismatic beauty and veritable charm of a wedding day in a wash of colourful acrylics, sincerely illustrated on canvas. Based in Cape Town, her bespoke portraits add a personalised touch to any nuptial ceremony, and the striking results will be a centrepiece of conversation and reminiscence for as long it’s displayed on your wall. This talented, self-taught artist and FEMtrepreneur shares her insight into the undiscovered world of live wedding paintings. Continue reading “FEMtrepreneur: Mary-Ann Wiggill – Live Wedding Painter”

FEMtrepreneur: Sandy Francis – ‘The Duchess of Mane’ Hair Artist

Meeting Sandy Francis for the first time is like catching up with an old friend who you haven’t seen for years. Dynamic, bubbly, warm and easy-going, Sandy is the kind of hairstylist that you book an hour appointment with, but choose to leave two hours later, after she’s sculpted your locks with an award-winning coif and nurtured your soul with heart-to-heart therapy and endless laughs. Casually discussing her impressive list of achievements and expert training in hair design, Sandy is nonchalant about the fame and popularity it’s brought her, insisting that there is so much more for her to learn. Better known as the ‘Duchess of Mane’, she is every bride’s dream stylist, conjuring exquisite hairstyles that make as much of an impact as the gown itself. Having lived and trained all over the world, Sandy still calls Pretoria home, and it’s here at her salon Scarlet Hair, where she’s been revamping hair (and lives) for the past 14 years. Continue reading “FEMtrepreneur: Sandy Francis – ‘The Duchess of Mane’ Hair Artist”