FEMtrepreneur: Dayna Langlois – Exclusive Stationery Designer

It takes courage to pursue a passion. Sometimes it’s done on a whim, and other times, it’s based on a well-formulated plan. And on occasion, achieving your dreams materialises from pure necessity. Stationery designer Dayna Langlois used her beautiful and intricate handwriting skills to establish a business that not only gave her family financial security but also developed into a niche brand that empowers women all over the world.

The introverted Toronto-based FEMtrepreneur creates feminine and charming pastel pieces of stationery that are all headlined by her signature words of wisdom. She personalises each journal, keychain, coffee cup, planner, pen and pouch with inspiring, handwritten quotes.

Dayna’s aim is to motivate her female-centric market with these endearing office supplies and writing accessories. Her uplifting quotes prompt women to follow their own dreams or helps them just to get through each day. It’s been four years since Dayna Lee Collection made its welcomed debut and its humble creator hasn’t looked back. Read on as Dayna chronicles her meander into entrepreneurship.

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Quick and easy smartphone food photography for The Rolling Pin

Red, white and green snowballs

With the convenience of a top-quality camera neatly integrated into today’s best smartphones on the market, who needs to lug around an extra piece of expensive hardware, spend hours transferring and post-processing files, when their final destination is the contrasting fast-paced online sphere of social media? It just doesn’t make sense to battle time and equipment barriers when the ability to capture the essence of your business, brand and products – near professionally – is at your fingertips. Continue reading “Quick and easy smartphone food photography for The Rolling Pin”

FEMtrepreneur: Zahirah Motala – Baker and Gourmet Cake Artist

Unlike the eggs, chocolate and meringue it’s built from, the confectionery industry is difficult to crack. With so many great amateur and professional bakers sharing their wares, it takes something quite exceptional to stand three tiers above the crowd. Durban-based home-baker Zahirah Motala did just that by turning her distinctive and innovative hand-painted design style into a unique selling point. The mum-of-two and founder of Cakes & Canvas creates exquisite cakes that are meticulously and delicately painted to resemble works of art that could easily be found on the walls of a gallery. Zahirah waves her pastry brush and artistic palette across the local cake industry with imaginative flair, turning a childhood hobby into a thriving business. She shares a decade’s worth of professional expertise and advises fellow bakers on how to start their own burgeoning business.

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