FEMtrepreneur: Joanna Baker – Accomplished Fashion Illustrator and Innovative Designer


The thought of landing a design job in the exclusive fashion industry sounds like a dream, and giving it up to start an online illustration business is a risk that not everyone would be willing to take. However, for innovative designer Joanna Baker, this intrepid move is one of the best decisions she’s ever made. Combining her exquisite creativity with savvy entrepreneurship skills, Joanna fearlessly quit her day job to become a full-time fashion illustrator in 2015. This talented New-York-based artist has sketched her way to success with colourful etchings of hard work, enthusiasm and determination. Continue reading “FEMtrepreneur: Joanna Baker – Accomplished Fashion Illustrator and Innovative Designer”

FEMtrepreneur: Reabetswe Mafisa – Founder of Ease Mobile Spa

Rea Mafisa of Ease Mobile Spa

Leaving a regular, stable job to start your own company can be daunting and unpredictable, but 30-year-old Reabetswe Mafisa did just that by finding the courage and tenacity to say goodbye to her 9 to 5 job and establish a mobile spa service.¬†She travels to clients around Pretoria and Johannesburg, offering relaxing at-home treatments¬†which are on par with any other professional wellness service. Continue reading “FEMtrepreneur: Reabetswe Mafisa – Founder of Ease Mobile Spa”

Need to boost your brand? Trust us to manage your PR, media placements and launch event.

Word Couture event

We’re several months into 2018, and if your goal to start that new business you’ve always been dreaming about has come to fruition, then congrats but it’s time to invest in marketing your product or service and really – we mean REALLY – get your brand out there. And to help you make that splash in the public eye with loads sizzle and a touch of class Continue reading “Need to boost your brand? Trust us to manage your PR, media placements and launch event.”

FEMtrepreneur: Leandie du Randt Bosch – Creator of Skoonma Clothing

Leandie du Randt Bosch of Skoonma Clothing

Placing her refreshing stamp on nostalgic design, actress and motivational speaker, Leandie du Bosch’s love of vintage wear inspired her to start her own fashion line. A year later and Skoonma clothing has grown from a ten-item collection to a flourishing brand, taking Leandie’s business from the heart of Potchefstroom to the hub of the online retail world. ‘Skoonma’, when translated from Afrikaans, means ‘mother-in-law’ – a name that perfectly fits Leandie’s label as the anchoring stitches of her company were tacked together by her very own skoonma. Continue reading “FEMtrepreneur: Leandie du Randt Bosch – Creator of Skoonma Clothing”

FEMtrepreneur: Nadia Adam – Event Planner Extraordinaire

Nadia Moosa Adam

With the exquisite floral artistry unmatched and gleaming crystal centrepieces catching the eye with their dramatic luminosity, walking into a Fab Function wedding venue is like entering a surreal fairytale world. An intricately designed stage enthrones the happy couple while enchanted guests feast upon the delectable variety of nouveau cuisine.

Behind all the romance and glamour is Nadia Adam, a Johannesburg-based mother-of-four whose childhood hobby and inherent creative flair became a flourishing business. We sat down with this exceptional FEMtrepreneur to discover the secrets behind her notable event-planning business. Continue reading “FEMtrepreneur: Nadia Adam – Event Planner Extraordinaire”

Our blog-writing deal with The London Grooming Company SA

London Grooming SA product box

After our TV debut on Zaheerah Bham-Ismail’s iTrend show a few weeks ago, several awesome opportunities have presented themselves, and this week, one of these projects has successfully kicked off. We’ve written our first blog post for London Grooming Company SA, an online business which retails imported grooming products for men.

A blog-type section on any website is always a nice-to-have. It drives users to your website, helps with search engine rankings, promotes specific products while subtly persuading readers to click that ‘Buy’ button, and gives you interesting and relevant content to share with your followers on social media. Continue reading “Our blog-writing deal with The London Grooming Company SA”